• Additive - Yeast Extract

Additive - Yeast Extract

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Dosage: 2,5-10%

In order to make yeast extract, the yeast cells are stripped of their cell-wall, due to the addition of enzymes (*). As a result, the taste of the extract is much better, and is easier to digest. Yeast extract is rich in B vitamins and tributes to a good digestion of proteins. It has a very high instant response.

* An enzyme is a protein, which catalyzes a particular reaction in or outside a cell. During the reaction the enzyme briefly joins with the yeast substrate. Enzymes enhances the taste and digestibility of substances.

Gebruik het werkelijk in alle mixen. Top additief met een echte meerwaarde. Wordt al beschreven in oude Engelse karperliteratuur. Try it!

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