MTC cannot emphasize enough how important high-quality bait is for catching carp on a regular basis. Bait composed from ingredients with the correct nutritional value, vitamins, minerals, oils and fats emit a constant healthy feed signal. This is because not only the water-soluble triggers ensure this signal but the complete bait. The bait dissolves and provides a continual, uninterrupted, feed signal in the water.

Bait composed from mainly flavours and fast-acting carbohydrates – with a low nutritional value by definition – will cost you many carps on an annual basis. These types of baits quickly lose their attractiveness and what remains is a ‘non-active’ bait without any type of food signal. These baits do not have any biological effect whatsoever and they barely ‘work’ at all under water. Of course, there are those familiar situations where the fish are ‘loose’ and really everything can be caught; however, the times when the fish are not loose and we are still at the bank are more frequent. It is precisely at these times that carefully composed high-quality bait brings more fish and at a more rapid rate.

Carp – like all fish – quickly learn to recognize a food source and continue to eat this if it supplies an added value. If it costs the carp more energy to digest bait then it supplies, they will soon abandon the bait. Bait with a balanced healthy nutritional value which provides energy will continue to be eaten for a long - very long - time.

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