Vacuum Pack Service (MAP)

Keeping freezer baits fresh during a session abroad is often bothersome, or even a problem, for the carp angler. MTC Baits has tried to resolve this by vacuum-packing the freezer baits in a conventional way. Vacuum-packing freezer baits is the solution for those who wish to keep their freezer baits fresh for 2-4 weeks outside the freezer. A considerable advantage to vacuum-packing is that you barely compromise on the quality. So the ideal solution for sessions lasting more than one day.

However, there are also a few disadvantages to conventional vacuum-packing:

  • The vacuum bags are vulnerable during transport, with up to a 25% loss due to transport damage.
  • The freezer baits begin to 'bleed’, in other words all the liquids/oils are squeezed out.
  • The freezer baits lose their shape and are therefore unsuitable for casting using a throwing stick.

We were regularly confronted with these disadvantages which led to dissatisfied customers.

MTC sought a solution to all these problems and found this solution in the form of:

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Also referred to as protective gas packs (atmos packaging). This is realized by removing all the air from the packaging (conventional vacuum-packing) and partly replacing this by nitrogen (the chemical element N). Nitrogen is a neutral gas – used in the food processing industry -  and therefore does not influence the product in any way whatsoever, but creates a protective buffer.

Advantages to Atmos packaging:

  • Guaranteed quality for up to 2 weeks.
  • Intact packaging content, no loss of shape or ‘bleeding’.
  • Protection during processing and transport.