• Additive - Acid Casein

Additive - Acid Casein

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Dosage: 2,5-10%

Casein is an animal protein found in milk and contains a very high protein content of about 90%. Casein is obtained from skimmed milk - milk with very little fat -  by heating the milk and acidifying with sulfuric acid. If one does not want to reach for fish meals to improve the nutritional value of mixes casein is ideal. Casein contributes to a better - more elastic - bonding c.q. hardening of your bait. An integral part of the so-called High Protein (HP) and High Nutritive Value (HNV) mixes.

De echte casiene net zoals in de jarig 80. Toen bestelden we speciaal in Engeland om eraan te komen. Mooie tijden. Blijft een pracht product.

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