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Hookbait Wafter - Sweet ScopeX

Hookbait Wafter - Sweet ScopeX
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All hookbaits are equipped with egg albumin so that they are guaranteed to remain on the hair and have a mechanism that allows the triggers to release easily and for a long period of time.

The Wafter Range has been specially developed to enable advanced rig presentations. Mount a wafter on the hair and let the weight of the hook do its job to get the wafter into a balanced position. Wafters are lighter than boilies - but heavier than pop-ups - and sink by the weight of the hook or by their own weight.

Because wafters are lighter in weight than normal boilies, they can be absorbed faster, with the slightest displacement of the water the wafter will already 'innocently dance'. Pressured carp that is feeding suck up such a hook bait (unintentionally) faster and get hooked quicker. Very suitable for using on the most difficult waters where a high level of pressure is present. By lifting the weight of the hook, the hook-in efficiency of rigs increases.

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Hookbait Wafter - Sweet ScopeX
Hookbait Wafter - Sweet ScopeX



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