• Liquid Hi-Concentrated - Chili Extract

Liquid Hi-Concentrated - Chili Extract

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Dosage: 10-50 ml

It will meanwhile be clear that carp originate from Asia. They eat more red pepper than we can tolerate and are mad about this food. The catch reports are therefore not lying with regard to this ingredient. This is reason enough to produce a spicy liquid which meets the highest MTC standard. We have selected the best red peppers for processing in this creamy liquid. It is prepared in-house so it is suitable for use in bait mixes, stick mixes, soaks and for dipping your bait into. You can also add a dash of it to your particles or spod mix.

Bon liquide de chili, ideal avec vaut stick mix, ou chènevis

Ben gek op hete liquids. En dit is heet! Kleur mag van mij nog wel wat dieper rood, voor de rest een goed product.

Indispensable dans mes préparations de particules !!!!

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