• Base Ingredient - Wheat Semolina

Base Ingredient - Wheat Semolina

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To obtain wheat semolina, the pieces of bran are filtered out of the groats. Groats are pieces of wheat with - usually - part of the bran attached. The bran (the husks or skins) is the outer layer of the wheat kernel. The result is semolina. Discovered by Rob Maylin in the eighties as a casein replacement, which resulted in the so-called 'semolina-boom'. Of course, one of the pillars of the so-called 'de Baets-mix' that is made up of equal parts of soy, corn flour and wheat semolina. Wheat semolina supposedly makes up half of Richworth's famous 50/50-mix.

Bestellingen altijd keurig verpakt in huis en snelle leveringen. Hulp bij mixen ofzo heb ik ook meermaals gekregen. Ben echt super tevrden en de vangsten zijn ook omhoog geschoten. Ben inmiddlesd wel overtuigd dat kwaliteit er zeker toe doet. Hun Fishmix is een aanrader ;)

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