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Freezer Bait - Ester & Cream

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Freezer Bait - Ester & Cream
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Sweet, creamy, flavoursome, that's Ester & Cream. A 'sweety' pur sang. By combining high-quality ingredients and carefully preprocessing, a balanced recipe has been created that can be used all year round.

This boilie gets its great catching power from the intrinsic attractiveness of the individual ingredients, which are matched to each other in optimal quantities, so that they also reinforce each other. Ester & Cream continues to catch and it's no surprise that carp develop a preference for it. The good reader will have understood by now that the nutritional value and digestibility are extremely good. Unique esters, appetite stimulants, natural sweet triggers and a 'creamy' flavour ensure a very high attraction and a further broadening of the attractiveness spectrum. If you smell and taste Ester & Cream yourself, you instinctively realize that it is an exceptional boilie in all seasons.

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Freezer Bait - Ester & Cream
Freezer Bait - Ester & Cream



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