• Bait Spray - GS1

Bait Spray - GS1

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    50 ml
    / Piece
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    The Bait Spray Range has been specially developed to make your hookbaits (boilies, pop-ups, hookbaits, wafters) even more attractive. A few 'sprays' - by means of an atomizer - on your hookbait and you boost the instant attraction enormously!

    Bait Sprays are perfect for deploying without affecting the buoyancy of wafters and pop-ups. Bait Sprays absorb quickly into the hookbait due to the light weight (watery viscosity) of this liquid trigger.

    In all our bait sprays we only use the best triggers and attractors such as:

    • Amino Acids
    • Betaine HCL
    • N-Butyric-Acid
    • Appetite Stimulants
    • NHDC-Sweetener
    • Flavor Enhancers

    In addition, the liquids and flavors used per bait spray are exactly the same as in the boilie version. The food signal has a 100% match.

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