• Seafood - Zeezout

Seafood - Zeezout

Czas dostawy:
1 kg
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5 kg
/ Kilogram
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25 kg
/ Kilogram
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Dawkowanie: 1-5%

Everything that lives, can not live without minerals. Plants, people, animals, and so of course our beloved carp. A little salt - the best known flavour enhancer in the world - can not hurt when it comes to attraction. However, it must be sea salt. Carp are particularly dependent on the absorption of iron, cobalt, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. That raises the question about the use of table salt, because that consists solely of sodium chloride (NaCl). All the valuable minerals have been isolated out. Do not use it in your bait! Sea salt contains all the necessary minerals to maintain healthy carp.

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