• Seafood - LT-Vismeel

Seafood - LT-Vismeel

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1 kg
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5 kg
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25 kg
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Dawkowanie: 10-50%

LT stands for Low Temperature. This means that LT Fish Meal is prepared at a lower temperature then regular fish meal. If the caught fish have arrived at the factory they are cooked in containers using steam injection, to become a kind of fish soup. Then, this soup is dried, and this is done at a lower temperature (70°C) than conventional fish meal (up to 120°C). Many heat sensitive amino acids are maintained this way. Therefore the amino acid pattern of LT Fish Meal is superior to other fish meals. Outstanding quality.

Excellent produit à prix copmpétitif !

Excellent produit à prix compétitif !

Très bonne farine très sombre une bonne odeur de poisson avec comme tjs un très rapport qualité prix

Une excellente farine poisson LT, niveau rapport qualité prix rien a dire au top !

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