• Liquid Hi-Concentrated - Salmon Oil

Liquid Hi-Concentrated - Salmon Oil

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1 ltr
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5 ltr
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Dawkowanie: 10-50 ml

A beautiful pink oil of a superior quality, which is not always the case with salmon oil. Salmon oil stands out from other oils due to the very high concentration of polyunsaturated omega fatty acids. Regular users of this liquid will be able to report that they are unwilling to give up using it. This salmon oil will also be the ideal ingredient in bird food recipes. Salmon oil – in moderate quantities – is suitable for winter fishing, because it will not solidify at low water temperatures.

Wat een schitterende olie zeg. Echte Zalmolie. Niet van die afgekeurde rotzooi die je vaak tegenkomt voor een paar euro de liter. Ben blij :)

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