• Liquid - Corn Steep Liquor

Liquid - Corn Steep Liquor

Czas dostawy:
500 ml
/ Kawałek
Z podatkiem
1 ltr
/ Kawałek
Z podatkiem
5 ltr
/ Kawałek
Z podatkiem

Dawkowanie: 10-50 ml

CSL is an active product, which means that the fermentation process has not been stopped, but slowed down considerably. We advise you to store CSL in the refrigerator to prevent the bottles from bulging or bursting open!

Various products are produced when extracting starch from corn. One of these products is a liquid thick mash – Corn Steep Liquor (CSL) – in which the corn kernels have been fermented, referred to as ‘steeping’. The soluble parts of the corn kernel are present in CSL. It is completely water-soluble and very easy to digest. Thanks to the mild temperature treatments, the protein structure has not been damaged, resulting in an excellent protein quality, and the nutritional value is retained. The mainstream is used in the fermentation industry which sets high demands on the quality of the product. In short, our CSL is a protein source from a reliable origin and constant quality, rich in free amino-acids. A tremendous trigger!

Superb stuff. Use loads of it over the sweet scopex.

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