• Kruidenplank - Knoflookpoeder

Kruidenplank - Knoflookpoeder

Czas dostawy:
1 kg
/ Kilogram
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5 kg
/ Kilogram
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25 kg
/ Kilogram
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Dawkowanie: 3-10%

Garlic in powdered form is obtained by drying and grinding garlic cloves. Garlic is an herb with a very pungent smell and taste. It adds in addition to a specific smell and taste also nutrients that have been beneficial for the fish and are used in the control of diseases and parasites. In addition it has a blood cleansing effect and also other positive features. It stimulates several bodily functions and the carp therefore love it!

Zeer zeer goede kwaliteit Zeer fijn van structuur en een intense smaak van jewelste.

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