• Kruidenplank - Chilipoeder

Kruidenplank - Chilipoeder

Czas dostawy:
1 kg
/ Kilogram
Z podatkiem
5 kg
/ Kilogram
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25 kg
/ Kilogram
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Dawkowanie: 3-10%

Chili Powder - also known as cayenne pepper - is the name used to describe fruits of the genus Capsicum. The amount of capsaicin - the real trigger for the carp - determines the final sharpness of chillies. Chili powder is made of dried and crushed chillies. That carp react positively to capsaicin has become clear. It often seems as if it may not be sharp enough. A great trigger!

Excellente farine de chilli extrêmement piquante top

Gooi altijd een schep door m'n particle mix. Mooie constante kwaliteit en de scherpheid is écht HEET. Heb ook t idee dat brasems deze scherpte mijden.

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