• Flavour - Scopex

Flavour - Scopex

Czas dostawy:
100 ml
/ Kawałek
Z podatkiem
250 ml
/ Kawałek
Z podatkiem
1 ltr
/ Kawałek
Z podatkiem

Dawkowanie: 4-8 ml

Sweet and creamy as a Scopex flavour should be. Perhaps the most popular flavour of the sweet flavours. Does not need any further introduction. Often imitated but never equalled. This is not the original legendary - Rod Hutchinson – variety from the 1980s. Due to strict environmental requirements, this may no longer be produced. This is the absolute second best variety which we will never let go of again, after years of research. Judge for yourself!

Excellent , comparé à beaucoup d'autres "scopex", il est très proche vraiment de la version ROD.

Einfach Weltklasse!

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