• Flavour - Giant Shellfish

Flavour - Giant Shellfish

Czas dostawy:
100 ml
/ Kawałek
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250 ml
/ Kawałek
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1 ltr
/ Kawałek
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Dawkowanie: 2-6 ml

Top of the bill of fish flavours. This shellfish flavour can compete with the very best flavours available. Giant Shellfish is one of those flavours which continues to ‘linger’ after rolling. Unmistakable quality. In the combination with LT fish meal, PD fish meal and fish oil, it cannot be equalled. The molecules which make this flavour an undisputed champion are therefore also real triggers for the carp. Forget all the other fish flavours and give this one a chance. Our all-time favourite!

Franchement au nickel..

Cette arôme (géant shellfish) et idéal pour les pêcheurs en rivière, fleuve, barrage. Pour sont odeur de coquillage géant qui leur rappel leur nourriture naturel !

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