• Enhancer - Betaïne HCL

Enhancer - Betaïne HCL

Czas dostawy:
50 g
/ Kawałek
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100 g
/ Kawałek
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1 kg
/ Kawałek
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Dawkowanie: 2-5 g

The name ‘betaine’ comes from the plant from which this substance was first isolated during the 19th century: Beta Vulgaris, or the sugar beet. Betaine HCL (Hydrochloride) promotes the digestion of proteins and improves the absorption of minerals. The quality of the food source with regard to absorption and digestion is therefore improved. This enhancer in recipes ensures a considerable added value to your bait, which means that the fish are more inclined to feed and will do so for a longer period of time. A top feeding stimulator, because it stimulates the primary and secondary receptors of the carp.

Mooi product, goeie prijs. Je kunt proeven dat het niet van die synthetische rotzooi uit China is. Had ook niet anders verwacht van zo'n kwaliteitstoko. Ook de boterzuur is top!

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