• Basis - Soja Volvet Getoast

Basis - Soja Volvet Getoast

Czas dostawy:
1 kg
/ Kilogram
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5 kg
/ Kilogram
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25 kg
/ Kilogram
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Dawkowanie: max. 40%

Soy contains 18% fat and 43-49% protein. Soybean meal is by far the most important source of vegetable protein. Only the very best, highly digestible soybean we carry. Watch out for the enzyme active - not toasted - stuff which is used in the industry. This is really crap! Well toasted soybean meal is half an hour at 110 degrees roasted so that the trypsin inhibitors are eliminated. Trypsin is an enzyme that breaks down dietary proteins to small substances (amino acids). These amino acids are absorbed into the blood for the construction of new proteins. This roast has the desirable side effect of getting a delicious nutty flavor. Indispensable in good bird food recipes, as it has a very good amino acid profile, but is also full of unsaturated fatty acids.

Die geur en smaak zeggen mij genoeg. VERS!

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