• Stick & Bag Mix - Up & Down Additive

Stick & Bag Mix - Up & Down Additive

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    100 g
    / Kawałek
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    This is the ideal addition in order to make the Stick & Bag Mix ‘dance’ from the bottom to the surface and back again! Up and down, up and down. In this way, you create attraction in all the water layers and you encourage the carp to feed. 10 to 20 grams to a kilo is enough to achieve the desired effect. Bring your feeding spot to life with this product.

    Perfect om je stickmix en gechrushde boillies op stulstaandwater op en neer te laten gaan zodat de karpers op verschillende dieptes getriggert worden en naar aas gaan zoeken, dit heeft me al heel wat mooie vangsten opgeleverd, echt top.

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