• Basis - Lupinemeel Getoast

Basis - Lupinemeel Getoast

Czas dostawy:
1 kg
/ Kilogram
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5 kg
/ Kilogram
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25 kg
/ Kilogram
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Dawkowanie: max. 40%

The lupine plant is a legume and produces seeds / beans, like the soybean plant. Of these, cleaned, peeled and crushed seeds lupine meal is made of. It is a yellow flour with a specific smell and taste. Our lupine meal is derived from the yellow lupine. Lupin meal is also called bean meal. It contains about 8% fat and 40% high quality protein, including essential amino acids, and is very high in fiber. The food industry sees lupine  as a good alternative to soy, which is often derived from genetically modified soy. Lupine meal, and soy meal are very similar to each other. When there is no soy available one can use without problems lupine and vice versa.

Excellente farine de lupin toastée, avec une odeur douce.

Gebruik nooit soja maar altijd lupine. Heb t idee dat t beter verteerd voor de karper. Kwaliteit is constant en goed.

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