Hookbait Dip

The Hookbait Dip Range can be used to make the hookbait even more attractive and therefore even more quickly noticeable to feeding carp. Dipping hookbait can vary from just a few minutes to days on end, depending entirely on your own preference or trust. In the winter in particular, the sluggish carp can be tempted to feed thanks to the attractive food signal which the dip directly emits to the water.

For all our dips, we use the familiar triggers such as Betaine HCL and N-Butyric-Acid. The liquids and flavours used per dip are also exactly the same as in the boilie version. The food signal emitted therefore matches the (pre-fed) boilies and hookbait. In this way, an enhanced effect is created between the dip and the hookbait.

Price: €9,95 / Piece 
Incl. VAT