• Pop-Up WhitieZ - MinaMino
  • Pop-Up WhitieZ - MinaMino

Pop-Up WhitieZ - MinaMino

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3-6 working days
14 mm
/ Piece
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Minamino Syrup ... what is there to say about the best liquid present in the carp scene. We use the original version and the dosage used we can not label as economical. During the test phase this Whitie has already acclaimed a legendary status. A true amino acids bomb. If nothing catches try this 'Session Saver'!

The pop-ups out of the WhitieZ Range are the very best available on the market today. Rolled with unique state-of-the-art 3-roll machines they approach perfection. This extremely carefully produced range has the following features:

  • colour white only
  • perfect round
  • very high buoyancy
  • smooth finishing
  • permanently elastic
  • form-retaining
  • needle friendly
  • mechanism that easily releases the triggers
  • permanently attractive

Suitable for various presentations:

  • Snowman
  • Chod Rig
  • Ronnie Rig
  • Hinged Stiff Rig
  • 360⁰ Rig
  • Single Pop-Up Rig


Top spul! Vis hier 9/10 keer mee en vangt goed!

Ga nooit van huis weg zonder een potje MinaMino. Krengen vangen altijd.

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