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Freezer Bait - Sweet ScopeX

Freezer Bait - Sweet ScopeX
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The Sweet ScopeX is a perfect example of how a ‘simple’ birdfood boilie can be composed in a balanced way with regard to both nutrition and attractiveness. Toasted Corn has been used for an optimum digestion and the nutritional value is partly due to Soy Fullfat Toasted and Crushed Hemp.

Vitamealo and Carp Candy Sweetener emphasize the sweet character and proven triggers including N-Butyric-Acid and Corn Steep Liquor finish off this freezer bait. Corn Steep Liquor is a fermented corn liquid which contains betaine and is full of free amino-acids. Of course, there can be only one flavour in the Sweet ScopeX and that is the absolute classic amongst sweet flavours.

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  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: Michael T on 29 January 2017
    Supergoeie instant bol!
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Freezer Bait - Sweet ScopeX
Freezer Bait - Sweet ScopeX



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