• Wheat Meal Wholegrain

Wheat Meal Wholegrain

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Dosage: 35% max.

Wheat meal wholegrain is the whole ground wheat kernel, with the germ often already removed. After grinding and sieving flour, groats and bran remain. Groats are pieces of wheat with - usually - part of the bran attached. Wheat meal wholegrain is wheat meal that has had bran added to it again. It is very popular in fish farming. Recipes containing 35% fish meal and 65% wheat meal wholegrain produced the lowest mortality rates in several carp farms. The high concentration of fibre and the resulting good digestibility make it a good choice for winter recipes.

Onmisbaar ingredient in al mijn najaars- en winterrecepturen. Het extra portie aan vezels kan ik dan goed gebruiken. Ik gebruik echter nooit meer als 10%.

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