• Base Ingredient - Corn Semolina

Base Ingredient - Corn Semolina

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Dosage: 35% max.

Corn semolina is the coarsely milled flour of the germ-free corn kernel. The corn germs are washed away from the kernel first for the production of corn oil. The remainder is ground and separated into various kernel sizes (mesh). The word semolina is derived from the Italian word 'semola', meaning 'bran'. The construction of the kernel behaves differently during preparation than ground flour. Kernels, for instance, have a greater ability to bind liquids. The starch of the kernel results in the thickening of a substance. Corn semolina offers a little more bonding than normal corn meal.

Gebruik het zelf altijd om mijn witvisvoer wat groffer en losser te krijgen. Prima product.

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