• Additive - Poultry Protein Powder

Additive - Poultry Protein Powder

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Dosage: 5-15%

Under normal conditions the protein of poultry is not soluble in water. This great tasting powder however is and is produced under strictly controlled conditions. First the remaining meat on the carcasses of chickens is cooked. Then the meat will be hosed of the carcasses under high pressure. After it is ground to a liquid slurry, it is hydrolyzed by adding enzymes and spray-dried. The result does not lie. A deliciously chicken flavoured powder that is full of free amino acids.

Een echte stinkerd dit meel. Maar t smaakt geweldig. Ook zeer acceptabele prijs. Gooi altijd 5% door mijn vismix. Mooi afwijkende toevoeging.

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